Tom Blackman & Curtis Adams, DirectorsCase Study
Helped to develop a suitable health & safety policy including risk assessments, fire risk assessment and monitoring procedures. Continues to act as competent person for health & safety advice.

“Having previously worked with Ken Rock we did not hesitate to use his expertise when we set up an independent gym that offers fitness for all. Immediately he helped to prevent any potential pitfalls and also overcame the needless and excessive suggestions by the insurance company that would have caused us a significant cost on opening. Not having to spend time researching our health & safety responsibilities meant we could concentrate upon other aspects of running our operation.”

Tom Blackman & Curtis Adams, Directors
Ministry of Fitness, Kingswood

Mike Botta, Managing DirectorCase Study
Advises on health & safety and food safety issues having initially developed site specific manuals. Carries out quarterly, scored audits of all restaurants and arranges both qualification and bespoke training sessions.

"Balancing the formal systems needed in the current business climate with our mission to run the best Italian family restaurants is sometimes difficult. We find our Directors and Managers actually welcome inspections by Ken from Domino Risk Management Ltd as he is always happy to give advice and support (although the scoring sometimes causes considerable rivalry between family members!).

Mike Botta, Managing Director
Bottelino’s Italian Restaurants, Southwest

John Gilmour, Managing DirectorCase Study
Acts as competent person to advise on health & safety in an engineering factory with heavy machinery, automatic processes and hazardous and highly flammable liquids plus several acids!

"We think of Ken from Domino Risk Management Ltd as a valued member of our team. He works with us to draw up sensible risk assessments and monitoring systems, carries out specialist fume monitoring and noise surveys as well as being the Secretary (and, sometimes, Chairman) of our Health, Safety and Environment Committee."

John Gilmour, Managing Director
Apex Cylinders, Bristol

Steve Clifford & Martin Talbot, DirectorsCase Study
Developed a health & safety policy complete with risk assessments and monitoring systems for a primarily office based organisation albeit with some field staff working in a wide range of premises. Later trained staff in DSE assessment techniques and now acts as competent person to advise on health & safety and carry out external safety audits.

"As our organisation grew we tried to develop the policies and risk assessments we knew were required. Finding that the time and resources needed were getting out of control we asked Ken from Domino Risk Management Ltd for some assistance. In a very short time he had sorted out some problems that had been giving us sleepless nights, identified (and solved) some problems we did not know existed and given us a simple manual that helps us to control health & safety within our existing organisation culture."

Steve Clifford & Martin Talbot, Directors
Clifford Talbot Partnership Ltd

Chris Day, Health & Safety ManagerCase Study
Undertaken project work such as risk assessing new production lines, training supervisors in health & safety management and developing an in-house risk assessment system for maintenance operatives.

"Ken Rock, Domino Risk Management Ltd, was first brought in to carry out an independent investigation of an accident at our food production factory in Portishead; he was soon asked to make regular visits and help develop policies and assessments. When the factory was moved to Norfolk, his assistance in developing the new site was invaluable. I know I can rely upon Ken for sensible, professional advice and for projects delivered on time.

Chris Day, Health & Safety Manager
Quorn Foods, Methwold