Domino Risk Management Ltd was originally established as Ken Rock Consultancy over two decades ago by Ken Rock, a Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner and Chartered Safety & Health Practitioner. The company is based in the Bristol and North Somerset area and offers a service primarily throughout the South West and West Midlands.

About Ken Rock

Ken is Domino Risk Management Ltd’s Director who, after qualifying, spent twenty years as an Environmental Health Officer in general public health and law enforcement.  After a three year contract for the Zambian Government (liaising with the WHO) he worked for local government in England specialising in food safety, health & safety and health promotion.  He spent three years as a Principal Officer with one of the largest district councils in England formulating and administering food hygiene and health & safety enforcement policies and a further three years developing health promotion initiatives (where an exhibition mounted by his team received a national merit award for home safety).

Since leaving local government, Ken has run a health & safety and food hygiene consultancy dedicated to providing a high quality, professional service and delivering excellent value. He has undertaken contracts for government, local authority, national and multi-national organisations but now concentrates on helping small, local organisations.

Ken is a Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and a Chartered Member of the Institute of Safety & Health.

Why Domino?

According to the “Domino Theory of Accident Causation” people are injured because of a sequence of events similar to a line of dominoes falling over.  These are:

  • Poor management/planning
  • Personal faults (poor training or behaviour)
  • Unsafe acts or conditions
  • Accident happens
  • Person is hurt

If the first three issues are addressed and removed from the workplace, at least 80% of accidents can be avoided. These principles also apply to food safety and hygiene.