Health & Safety

Health & Safety – do I really need to bother about it?

You should be concerned because best Health & Safety practice:
  • Helps protect your employees from harm caused by accidents and ill health
  • Maintains good productivity and profitability by lowering sickness absence
  • Helps you retain staff
  • Protects your reputation
  • Reduces insurance costs and avoids unnecessary legal bills

Our professional consultancy can help you to realise these benefits as we help you to risk assess your workplace, develop Health & Safety policies, set up simple Health & Safety monitoring systems and carry out safety audits.

Health & Safety Policy

Do you employ five or more people?  If you do, the law requires you to have a written Health & Safety policy covering organisation, communication and other arrangements.  It needs to be regularly reviewed and updated. Even if you do not have 5 employees you still need to have a health & safety policy and do what is reasonably practicable to protect your workforce and anyone else that may be affected by your work activities.

As Health & Safety experts, we can independently review your existing policy, assist you to develop a new policy, or simply run sessions to raise staff awareness of your health & safety policies.

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Risk Assessments

If you are an employer you are legally required to perform an assessment to identify the hazards and risks associated with your operations.  Once you have quantified these risks, you need to establish control systems and ensure they work.  What’s more, if you employ five or more people you must record the risk assessments in writing.

We can work with you or your staff to produce your risk assessments. Drawing on our in-depth knowledge and expertise we can ensure you comply with legal requirements while producing sensible risk assessments that help you to run an efficient operation with less risk of accidents and without tonnes of boring paperwork.

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Health & Safety Audits

Is your organisation measuring up on Health & Safety?

We can meet all your audit needs ranging from a full Initial Status Review, as recommended in Health & Safety Executive guidance and Occupational Health & Safety Standards, to a brief assessment of a specific topic.  We will provide a professional and independent audit report containing a practical action plan to help you carry out any required improvements.

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