February 2017 Dominews

Panoramic View, Spain 2016

Who pays to repair an uninsured car damaged by another uninsured car? From March of this year compensation will be paid by the drivers that have insured their cars!

Plus an unbelievably low fine for food hygiene offences in this month’s “I don’t believe it!”

Hiding in plain site

Corporate Manslaughter Update
  • Number of cases – 28
  • Number of convictions after guilty plea – 15
  • Number of convictions after not-guilty plea – 6
  • Number of acquittals – 5
  • Cases pending – 2
  • Number of large organisations prosecuted (NHS Trust) – 1 (acquitted)
  • Number of large companies prosecuted – 0

So 10 years after the law intended to correct the situation whereby large corporates avoided being prosecuted for manslaughter and the CPS have still not prosecuted a large company (in spite of several avoidable deaths)!

UK Statistics 2015/16
  • Fatalities – 144
  • Non fatal injuries – 621,000
  • RIDDOR reports – 72,702

The UK has the best record in Europe with 0.5 fatalities per 100,000 workers (Italy 1.2; France 3.0)

Recent Cases

£4,000 fine and £859 costs for the wholesaler selling spices contaminated with Salmonella. The contamination was found during routine sampling and resulted in 6,000 products being taken off the market although no cases of food poisoning were linked to the spices.

£2,000 fine, 150 hours community service and £5,071 costs for the landlord operating a House in Multiple Occupation that was not registered and unsafe (inadequate fire alarm, trip hazards, dangerous electrics and general disrepair).

Environmental Health News, February 2017

£400,000 fine and £26,468 costs for the university where 2 students were given a caffeine overdose as part of an exercise experiment. Given 100 times more caffeine than planned they suffered life threatening effects and needed dialysis to reduce the levels in their blood.

£400,000 fine and £98,000 costs for the packaging company where a maintenance engineer was pulled into a machine conveyor. The company had not carried out maintenance risk assessments and were unaware that that the machine could be operated in a safe mode that would have prevented the accident.

IOSH Magazine, January 2017

I Don’t Believe It !

Thanks to the EU, from March an uninsured driver whose car is damaged by another uninsured driver will be able to claim compensation from the pool set up to compensate insured drivers who have their cars damaged by uninsured drivers. So those of us that insure our cars are going to have to pay higher insurance premiums to compensate those that are breaking the law! The good news is that the police will automatically be informed and the Government have said they will reverse this ludicrous EU requirement as soon as Brexit takes effect.

A catering company operating three food businesses at an international airport has been fined £400 and £66 costs for eight food hygiene offences including inadequate monitoring, warm fridges, contaminated ice, dirty premises and poor personal hygiene.